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Newly Diagnosed

Last week I had my 2nd internal scan. To say they were painful during, and especially afterwards was an understatement. My husband has never seen me in such a state through pain. Yesterday, I had endo confirmed and already it is making lots of sense to me.

Since the age of 11 i have been having periods. From the age of 15 they started to affect my school life. My parents would look at me, especially my mother, and say everyone experiences it, get over it. They have gotten progressively worse. Hot & cold sweats, excruciating pain that i am sick, migraines, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, immune system deteriorating. I was led to believe this was all normal.

The problem is i have been actively trying to conceive for 4 years, and now i don't know what they are going to do to help me, if they can at all. I really wish i had been told when i was younger that painful, heavy, and long periods are not normal. Let alone the other symptoms.

I'm in limbo until my next follow up appointment and already feel so overwhelmed with everything its hard to concentrate on every day life.

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Until you have a laparoscopy endo can't be definitively diagnosed. I would get one lined up - make sure you are treated in a specialist centre


If you've been trying for 4 years it could be that some part of your anatomy has been altered by endo or the process of fertilisation/implantation itself could be disrupted. The good news is that with a diagnosis you can get treatment which can really help your chances of conception and also can push you up the ivf list if you need it (i.e. you are fast tracked slightly).

I know finding out something like this can be such a shock, be easy on yourself and don't expect that you will be able to get a handle on it all at once. Concentrate on effective ways to deal with the situation.

- get a good consultant and a treatment plan

- effect lifestyle changes that will help your symptoms and keep you focused.


This website has really helped me.

In time it gets easier x


Hi - I know the diagnosis will be a big shock to you but hopefully you can take some control over getting appropriate treatment. Can I ask how old you are now and where in the UK are you. You say that the scan probe was painful so I'm guessing that sex is too. Can you give some details of other pain you experience at period or other times. As you are trying to conceive you will not be on hormone meds so your endo will be active as it is the rising levels of oestrogen in the normal cycle that stimulates it. What exactly did the scan show?


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