Keeping a boyfriend although I have endo

Hi everyone,

I know the pain is worse than anything, I know that from experience. But, I wanted to ask how I can keep my boyfriend. Since I got diagnosed with this, there's really been a strain on us. We argue a lot more because we are both stressed and I'm very emotional. I just want to know how I can maybe fix this?



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  • Hi - I am really sorry you are suffering so much and endo does put a strain on relationships. But the most important thing is to ensure you are getting the right treatment. Do you know where your endo was found and what are your symptoms at period time and at other times? Where in the UK are you?

  • I'm sorry, my boyfriend is far more important to me. I can handle the pain just fine. I'm more concerned about him really

  • Sorry - I must have misunderstood. I thought the problems were due to the effects of endo on your relationship as your stresses started with the diagnosis. It usually has a great impact. So in that case the only way to help your boyfriend would be to help yourself and ensure that you are getting proper treatment which sounds unlikely if your GP is doing blood tests and x rays which won't help at all with endo.

  • Unfortunately it's hard to get them to understand and if ur anything like me I'm always wondering if he's going to get to the point where he's had enough of hearing about my pains and me being miserable.

    It's horrible but the only way I can see of trying to fix it is to fix how we deal with endo, if we could accept it rather than fight it then maybe we could be happier in ourselves which should make a relationship easier and give our boyfriends their happy girlfriends back....easier said than done x

  • Yeah. I, trying to fix things but, my doctors keep giving me blood tests and coming back with more issues and x rays and issues from that. Is there any way I can get him to understand? X

  • There's no easy answer, every now and again I find things on Internet about endo and read them to him (don't know if he actually listens) and I also try and explain how I feel without going into crying fit. My boyfriend seems to try and understand but then other times I feel he doesn't care and that makes me angry with him so we argue, it's feels like I can't win. But I will still keep trying and try to make myself happier somehow that's all we can do x

  • I just have no motivation anymore. It's hard to get up in the morning, go to work, do anything really. I'm always quite sad inside but, I can smile and I do. I just want to cry right now. Every day is harder than the last

  • You sound exactly like me! I haven't been to work for 3months so I've added financial worries to my list of problems now. When I get up in the morning I feel as tired as I did when I went to bed, can't be asked to make myself look nice anymore and basically feel no hope for the future.....future of pain and docs not helping me!

    Emotional roller coaster!!! But....and a big but... I start my day in tears and somehow turn it in to being positive for a few hours a day, so that's something I spose.

    We can do this!!!.....there will be an answer one day and one day we might feel like normal girls that our boyfriends won't be able to get enough of lol!!!! Xxxx

  • I hope so, I just keep crying. I can't handle it and work is so hard. My employer treats me horribly ever since I got this and they don't make an effort to understand, it just get harder and harder xx

  • Awwww Hun, sending a big cuddle. Just message me if you need a chat x

  • Thank you :)

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