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CA 125 blood test: standard for cysts?

have a blood test to check my levels of the protein CA 125 today. I was told to book a test for it by my gynaecologist at our local fertility clinic last Wednesday after he found 3 large cysts on my ovaries and 1 polyp during a transvaginal scan and HyCoSy. My gynae believes the cysts to be due to endometriosis. I hadn't really given it much thought. I only had a look and realised the test was specifically to check for ovarian cancer at the weekend.

I have a cousin who developed it in her late twenties so I am a bit scared as surely I have more of a chance, therefore, the average woman in her early thirties. I'm 31 and have yet to have any children despite trying with my DH for over 2 years.

Have any of you had this test if you had cysts? Do you know if it's standard practice?

Any experiences or knowledge about this would be great, thank you.

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I have large fibroids and a large endimetrioma and this caused my CA125 level to be raised. It was 51, anything above 45 is abnormal. Even though mine is abnormal it is only raised for my benign growths.

Hope that helps


Hey, I had this test too because they found cysts on my ovaries. My result came back raised too but on biopsy the cysts were benign.


I had this test when I had my first scan, from the start my doctor suspected endo but did this test as a matter of routine. The results came back normal and endo was diagnosed during my lap x


I had endometriomas and an elevated CA125. It can rise due to periods, endo, ovarian cysts. In ovarian cancer they can tell the difference as its hugely elevated in that setting. Most docs don't do the test now as it causes worry.


Hi, I had this test when I had a cyst on my ovary which turned out to be a endometriomas, which my surgeon told me was what caused my elevated CA125 result. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis during the surgery, as it wasn't suspected as I wasn't displaying any pain symptoms. Xx


Thanks for the responses ladies, it does seem to be fairly run of the mill then. How long after having the blood test did you have the cysts removed? My gynae thinks they are endometriomas and I am on the waiting list for a lap, I've been told I'll have to wait 10 weeks to see a surgeon and then it will be a few weeks after that. If my levels are raised am I likely to be bumped up the queue or will I still have to wait 10+ weeks? Thanks xx


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