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Pain on the pill?!

Please excuse my ignorance, it has been about 10 years since I was on the pill previously. Have been put back on the mini pill by GP until I can see a specialist to give me 'a break'. I havnt needed contraceptives for a good few years as we've been trying to get pregnant with no joy.

Granted, being on the pill ensures I don't feel like I'm bleeding to death but I'm still in soooooo much pain. Didn't think I would still get the crippling back, hip and bum pain at period time now I'm on the pill. It's like my body just won't let up.

Feel like curling up and dying 😢

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Sorry to hear you are struggling. I have never found oral contraception to help with my pain. If anything it eventually makes it worse. Plus I feel like I'm going mad cuz of the hormones! Get back to your GP or consultant to talk through other options asap. Good luck!!


Same here Wasowski. I was on many birth controls for a year, then the depo shot last year. All I did was be in constant pain, and bled the whole year on the depo shot.


I went on the pill in March while waiting to see my gynae. It did not help AT all - however I am staying on it until my lap in Oct just to ensure I don't get pregnant before surgery. Then we will try again to get pregnant.


Thanks ladies- glad it's not just me. And the hormonal mood swings are a nightmare too! I might just put up with it until I see the specialist and then go from there.

K x


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