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What do I doooo? Can anyone please help??

I've had heavy bleeding and painful periods for years. I had my 3rd lap in March 2015 was back in pain within a few weeks to a month. Now 6 months down the line the pain is so severe it's becoming unbearable once again. I gave up for 5 months as no answers from anyone and docs telling me that there is nothing more they can do for me so I just started living with the pain grinning and bearing the pain which I really shouldn't have to do. now it's so bad I can hardly stay standing for long, I'm bleeding way too much and feel embarrassed that I have to wear always pants which are actually designed for people with sensitive bladders but in my case a normal pad is not enough for me at work for a few hours as its soaking and I would have to hangs every half hour. I am again starting to give up as know what the docs will say that there is nothing more that they can do. These pads are also costing me a fortune as I feel I'm always on my periods. Is there anything anyone can recommend I could do. I've been through private healthcare too. Please help !!

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I would go along (during the week and normal hours) to A&E because sometimes, they are able to bypass normal waiting times; you could have an infection or something which is causing the pain. Me personally I always had at least one year of pain relief after laparoscopies but everyone is different. If you're bleeding heavily, you may find as well your iron levels are very low - if you go to A&E they may be able to help stop/slow down the bleeding (my sister has heavy bleeds but she had numerous fibroids as well as endo).

I too was told last week that the (so called centre of excellence) could do nothing more as further surgery will only create more adhesions/scarring so had to rely only on pain management (hah) and/or hormone suppressants plus lose weight. I know weight loss is necessary (fatty tissue produces both oestrogen and testosterone). Anyway, in relation to your issue, visit A&E if you can to see if they can fasttrack any possible clearance (You may require a D&C to clear out any polyps, etc. or perhaps something to see why your bleeds are so heavy).

This may sound patronising (and it's not meant to be) but have you tried to seek a second opinion (or at least another specialist as some doctors are terrible in that way). I've seen about five specialists and this latest one was the worst.


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