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Decapeptyl - how long before it starts to work ?

Anyone else had experience of Decapeptyl ? I had first injection last Tuesday ( 3 monthly ) and my period was due a few days after this however it's not here yet though still feeling very premenstrual ! From what have read it wouldn't normally stop it so soon so just wondering if I will still get this period as not sure what to expect . Of course they didn't really explain much at hospital appt just that it's a bit hit and miss . Cheers for any advice x

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I had Decapeptyl for 5 months at the end of 2012/ beginning of 2013 and from what I remember it took about a month I think. Are you on HRT as well? x


Cheers for advice . It's just weird that my period is so late I thought maybe it's delaying it ? Not on hrt yet but get it if I need it. Did you find it helpful ? I heard a lot of negative stuff but also some positive stories so thought I would take the plunge and try it ! Then least I know a hysterectomy would be helpful for me. X


It definitely helped with the pain. I had another lap after 2 months of being on it to remove the endo and by the end of the 5 months on decapeptyl it hadn't grown back. The worst but was the side effects of the drug, hot flushes and night sweats were awful. I had hrt right from the beginning because they said I was too young to risk it. x

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Thanks for advice much appreciated really good to hear others experiences. It really is such a horrible condition.Hope you are feeling better now x


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