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Weird Symptoms


I am new to this! I am waiting for a laporoscopy for possible endo i already know from a scan that i have multiple fibroids.. but my question is does anyone suffer from weird symtoms...eg when i eat i have an immediate pain in my left side of stomach..also i sometimes sucfer from nausea and vomiting after eating this is always worse during my period....strange question i know but it would be great to k ow im not alone with this.

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Hi hun.

I also experience these symptoms hun. I have a diagnosis of endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I have also recently been diagnosed with problems with my bowel which will need to be corrected by surgery.

It could be that endo us attached to your bowel and that's why you are having a left sided pain.

There is also a place called the pouch of douglas which sit behind the uterus and rectum this is known to cause a left sided pain, I have pain in my lower left pelvis,buttock and radiates down my left leg.

Nausea and vomiting is quite common with endo usually because of the pain, but also it's very common for ladies who have endo to have IBS or a weakened digestive system.

I hope you get your laparoscopy soon and that you get some answers hun.xx


Hi and thanks for your reply. I am sorry that u r suffering too but so relieved to hear that someone elae knows what i am going throughbecause over the past year there i have been times when i have felt like i am going mad..yes i think u r rite because this last year i have had terrible digestive problems and candidia overgrowth in my tum. I do have a constant pain in my left leg and my pelvis on left side spasms and is so painful. When i had an exam the consultant touched place in left side and i screamed. He said it was the pouch of douglas but i had never heard of it before! Thanks for your reply at least i know im not alone with this! X


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