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Awaiting biopsy results for hard lump

I've been back and forth from the doctors for a year and been fobbed off with pain relief that never works. Saying it's endometriosis. I asked for scans and bloods. They didn't think I needed scans.

I get excruciating pain when on period and when passing urine as if all my insides are trying to push themselves out into the toilet. I'm crying in pain every month. It's now got to the point that I can't control my bladder anymore and going to the loo 2/3 times an hour sometimes.

I went private in the end. I received a simple examination which revealed a hard mass in my pelvis, an urgent MRI was organised. They were still unsure what it was. I had to have a biopsy. Waiting for results now. A week to wait and I feel sick about the results. So scared.

Anyone had similar situations? Any advice?


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