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2nd laparotomy in a year

Hi all, I'm due to be having my 2nd laparotomy in a few weeks to remove a large cyst, it will be almost a year since an emergency one due to a ruptured cyst. Can any of you share your experiences in terms of whether the recovery was easier, did they go in through the first cut or should I expect two scars, and anything else that might be good to know. I only seem to be suffering from large cysts to the ovary but will they look all over to check if there are any other build ups? So many questions but I want to make sure I don't miss anything for my pre-op so I can blast my consultant with questions.

Thanks in advance for any replies x

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Hi - is it in an endo centre that they have said it has to be a laparotomy? This has a much higher risk of adhesion formation after surgery and is less effective for picking up endo due to lack of magnification. Is this being done in general gynaecology? Specialists in endo would usually be able to do anything by keyhole except for very complex or emergency situations when a laparoscopy may have to be converted to open surgery, but these days it would rarely be done as routine.


Hi there, it's being done through a general gynaecology department at my local hospital. The waiting list is too long for a laparoscopy they want me in quick due to the size and how I reacted last time, (I ended up in icu). They have said that with my history even if they did key hole it would most likely end up open so best to go straight in.

I'm guessing they'll have a good look round just wasn't sure if I should be asking them to look in certain places.


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