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Fed up with pain


I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis but this is my story so far..

I've been getting on/off pain for the last 2 years (since having my youngest child - they're 2 and 5). I get awful pain during and after sex and my day to day symptoms are getting worse... It's a constant 24/7 period pain and intermittent sharp pain in my lower right side..

I had an ultrasound in March which found a haemorrigic cyst on my right ovary.. I was then referred to gynaecology in March and got an appointment for July. Went back and forth with GP given numerous different medications that made no difference. but before my consultant appointment the pain was horrendous and my partner took me to a&e. They did another ultrasound and said that there was no cyst everything looked fine and it could be gallstones. i then had a full abdomen ultrasound and all came back clear -no gallstones.. By this point I felt everyone thought it was all in my head and felt like I was going to have to go down the mental health route.. Gp then signed me off work for about 3 weeks as I couldn't cope with the pain.

I then had my Gynae consultant appointment and I finally felt j was being listened to And he put me on the waiting list for a diagnostic laparoscopy and mentioned it could be endometriosis.

Fast forward to last week.. The pain got so awful, I had constant nausea and couldn't eat and again got sent home from work as again I couldn't cope... My partner took me to a&e last Friday and they admitted me for further investigations and pain management.

3 days In hospital Another ultrasound and Gynae team discharged me saying that they think my pain was from a burst cyst and I probably won't need a laparoscopy as they're convinced that's why I'm in pain..

I'm going to call my consultants secretary to check that I am still on the list for a laparoscopy as I need reassurance.

Sorry for the long post but I'm so lost and don't know what else to do!

Do my symptoms seem like it could be endometriosis and is it worth me going further?

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