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Newly diagnosed


I am very new to this, recently I have been diagnosed with stage 2 endo and currently finishing zoladex hormone treatment. I am about to start a new job, however I recall how annoyed my last job got at me being off most months, I do not want to give this impression on my new job. I am constantly panicking every month wondering how much pain I will be in. It has taken over my life, or so it feels. Does anyone have any good advice on natural pain managements? I just want to build my career without this constant set back and being unreliable.


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Hi, did you have endometrial removal prior to starting the zoladx treatment and What pain relief are you currently on, if any? I know zoladex has hugely helped some people (though sadly not me) and when you come off of it and your periods return the endometriosis may have been shrunk so pain could be less. Have they discussed treatment post zoladex with you? Sadly I've not come across any natural pain relief that has worked for me, though it is said eradicating soya from your diet and taking green tea tablets does help.



Thanks for the reply

No I did not have anything removed at the time. It was just an investigation. The zoladex has currently eliminated all symptoms for me but was told after six months (currently on the fifth) I was not allowed anymore and will gradually need an op to remove the endometriosis. As I am starting a new job I couldn't have the op straight away so was hoping for some pain relief ideas. I get prescribed codeine but that barely scratches the surface.


No problem! I know how frustrating it can be. In my personal opinion I feel they aught to have removed endometriosis when you were having your investigative lap. Is the zoladex helping? Six months is pretty standard for zoladex treatment as it can cause bone thinning. What pain relief have you been offered or tried? In my experience natural pain relief and treatments do sweet sod all sadly. Have you been offered anything more than codeine? Have you been offered a chronic pain killer opposed to something like an NSAID?


Very frustrating

Unfortunately they couldn't remove it at the time due to some past medical history they were unsure I could be kept under for the duration of the lap op. However I can have the op now.

The zoladex so far means no period, so to me that cancels all pain out and I just get the odd hot flush, but I rather that than anything in comparison to the pain.

They've offered me oral morph for mine, which basically is no good if I want to function in everyday life. And I've been offered goodness only knows how many contraceptive pills which do absolutely nothing but mess up my cycle.

How long have you been diagnosed and has anything ever helped you?


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