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Anxious, worried

Hello I was hoping there was someone witha similar situation to me.

Years ago I was bed ridden, anemic and constantly sick for days and I took months to rebuild strength. My doctor told me I had a cyst on my ovary but it was better to leave as It wasn't causing issues.... Doctor then changed my pill to cerezzette.... 2 years later I have not had a single period which is not healthy in my opinion so I went back to see the doctor.

Now I am no longer on the pill and have to wait 6 months so I can bleed

Today I have woken up and I am feeling similar to when I was sick years ago and I am anxious of what's to come and If anyone will listen to my pains.

Has anyone else had or having similar story?

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Yeah, I was put on cerazette, was on it for about 7 years in total - For the first maybe year or two, I didn't get periods at all. After that, I did get periods but when I got them, they'd last for sometimes 3 weeks of really heavy bleeding and cramping at a time, but I'd only get them may be every 4-5 months. I brought this to the attention of my GP several times, who seemed wholly uninterested and even suggested that this was normal.

I decided to stop using Cerazette and refrained from intercourse for a while to see how things panned out - that's when the periods/cramping got much worse to the point where I ended up going private to get it checked out... turned out to be endo. I had a laparoscopy to remove the endo last week and had a mirena coil fitted at the same time - waiting to see how it pans out.


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