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Endo and trying for baby

I would really like your opinions:

My story have had endo for 12 years was finally diagnosed by a specialist last year had major removal thanks to finding this site! It's been 12 months since op at the time I was a Caree person not wanting to start a family. Symptoms started Again in April doc referred me back in May she said now um 30 I should really start discussion my future as when I go back to hospital she believes they will not offer another operation as it will be too soon. She was right I knew she was they wanted to

Put me on hormones whilst on yhe waiting list for appointment me and hubby decided it was too risky to prolong as I was grade 4 last year so made a exciting decision to start trying only one and a half months in so I was not expecting to be a mum just yet!

Appointment today with specialist to be told he is leaving and no longer working at said hospital devistated as he was brill found our where he is going but I'm

Not in pain but endo feels like it's back saw a colleague of his she said we would leave you 12 months before we did a lap I negotiated and said 6 as my own doctor does not think I should do any longer than 6 without assistance she said she is unsure what he would suggest but we gave agreed I will try for six months afterthus I will contact the new hospital hor a referral ..

Mine and my doc think endo should not be left to run rampant in the body if nothing happens with full commitment in six months investigations should b made.

What do you think ? Have you had issues? What assistance did you have? Any advice experiences are appreciated xxx

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I had op in Nov 13 and March 14 and think it is back now. Saw specialist yesterday and going for Ultrasound on Thurs then back to specialist on Fri for results and options. Will let u know what my specialist suggests for me

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Had 4 laparoscopies, last one involved partial bowel resection in Jan 14', symptomatic again May 14' adenomyosis diagnosed Dec 14' and now scheduled for removal of same + excision of endo hopefully May 16' (yr long waiting list). Off pill May 15' to ttc.

I think contacting the your new hosp in six months sounds reasonable as it may take time to see a consultant and then there could be quite a wait for surgery.

Best of luck xx


I was told the exact same thing when I got to 30 by my specialist but we only got married last may so my specialist saw me in early and Dec and told me I needed to start trying in January. He said he'd give us 6 months as that was long enough for endo sufferers. We haven't been successful so now I've had blood tests to check hormone levels at day 3 and day 21 of my cycle. Hubby has to have his sperm tested too. (He's not too happy, 4 days of no sex and then he has to get his specimen to the hospital within 30mins! We don't live that close so we'll have to think about how to do that!) 😄 Then I've got another appointment end of aug to discuss results and then we'll be referred to the fertility clinic I suppose to start clomid or anything else I/ we may need all with the guidance of my specialist.


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