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Endo and PCOS

Hey everyone,

So I've just been diagnosed with PCOS after an ultrasound this afternoon, I've been diagnosed with Endo since I was 18 (currently 23) and although this hasnt come as a shock it has still torn me up a little bit.

Im petrified that I will not be able to have children with both conditions especially as I am classed as being overweight now which up until about 2 years ago was never the case and I've tried so many different things to lose the weight but nothing works :(

I just wanted to know if there was anyone out there in the same boat and any one who could give me some advice. Don't really know where to go from here.

They've found 15+ cysts on each ovary and I don't know what happens now? Will I have them removed or will the size just be monitored to see if the shrink?

Heads all over the place :(

Thanks everyone


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Hi Hannah, I'm exactly in the same situation as you. I got diagnosed with pcos last October (23 at the time) and now I'm being referres to a gyno as im pretty certain I have endo as I have constant severe pelvic pain. I also have found it difficult but its important to stay positive and take control off things that you can and try not worry too much of the things you can't. I don't know whether you are trying for a baby but I am still very much years away from wanting a family and found this particularly difficult to cope with but try keep yourself positive. At least you know what it is. I've recently got into my fitness again and found this a really good way to keep me motivated. Don't let this diagosis defeat you! In terms of pcos, my doctor put me back on the contraceptive pill and basically told me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you don't mind me asking, what happened when you got diagnosed with endo? Did you go for a lap?

I hope my post helps you a bit. Your defo not allow in suffering both and I have heard of people who still get pregnant and get control of both diseases.



I am at the same stage, I don't feel ready for a family at the moment as I'm still in uni for another year and then I have another year after that. I want to make sure I am where I want to be before bringing a child in to the world. But still conflicted as I know my chance of conceiving naturally will get lower as time goes on. I've been on and off with my fitness as I have a mirena coil as well it is making it impossible for me to lose weight but hopefully that will change with the new diagnosis.

I had a lap when I was 18 and they burnt of the endo then, after that I was on Dianette for 6months back to back but it wasn't helping with the pain so I had a mirena put in. This hasn't really helped in recent years, I've had lots of problems with it so I'm going to ask to try wither the injection or going back on to the contraceptive as it will be a treatment for both the endo and the pcos.

Its so great to know that I'm not alone in this and I am lucky to have a very supportive family behind me also!

Are you going for a lap?



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