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Is there such a thing as bleeding too much?

Hi ladies

Firstly, apologies for the graphic nature of this post but I am really struggling this morning with the pain and bleeding. I am yet to receive a diagnosis of Endo, although all the signs are there and my GP and gaeny are convinced that is what it is. I saw my Gaeny last week and have been referred for a Laparoscopy, Hystoscopy and D and C. I started taking the comined pill Cilest 3 weeks ago to try to control the bleeding and am just coming to the end of my first pack. I have had breakthrough bleeding all the way through taking it but since 3am this morning I have been in absolute agony and bleeding uncontrollably. I have had to change both my tampon and pad every half an hour since waking at 3am and when I sit down to change my sanitary wear, the blood is literally running out of me before I even remove the tampon. I am passing huge clots (which is not unusual for me) and feel generally awful. I don't really know what the point of this post is other than for me to have a rant at how awful this condition is and how difficult it makes life for us women. I am due to be in work at 9am but really don't know how I am going to manage this if the bleeding and pain doesn't reduce significantly by then.


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