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Teary and frustrated

This is only my second post but I am finding this forum a great source of comfort and support for great information while Im awaiting diagnosis.

I saw my gaeny yesterday and left in tears of frustration. I went armed with an extensive list of symptoms and history and after waiting 45 mins past my appointment time I left feeling that I had been fobbed off.

My consultant was running late on consultations and was trying to squeeze everyone in before he went off on annual leave. I felt that I was not given enough time to discuss my symptoms, history and concerns and barely got through any of them. Whilst I have been put on the waiting list for a Hystoscopy and Laparoscopy, the only thing he did offer was the Mirena Coil. I was hoping for more effective pain medication to help me in the mean time but he said that this is best managed by my GP.

I have been researching the Mirena Coil and speaking to people that I know personally and most people seem to advise against it. I am not really in a position to pay for private medical treatment but am starting to wonder if I should try to get the money to do this as Im already having to go for a Stage 1 sickness interview with work after having to take a month off since March.

What are your thoughts on the Mirena Coil and paying privately for diagnosis and treatment?


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Hi - I can't personally comment on the coil but from reading the stories of others some experiences are good and some are bad so there really is no way of knowing until you try. But ultimately whilst the mirena can be helpful to some for period problems any endo is likely to progress.

This experience is probably a blessing in disguise as it has caused you to write and you shouldn't be seeing a general gynae anyway for a lap. You should request referral to an endo specialist centre from your GP. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find one. x


Thank you , I will do that although I do not officially have an Endo diagnosis atm so would this make a difference in me getting referred to an Endo specialist?x


No because it is only by being treated by a specialist from the start that you will be diagnosed properly. One of the most common reasons for women being left years with progressing endo is that it was missed at an initial lap by a general gynae not experienced enough to recognise it. This is the link to the NICE guidelines for management of suspected edno:


This is what GPs should follow.

Where are you in the UK?


Thank you so much for the advice. I read your article which is really helpful and informative and have identified a specialist in Cardiff, South Wales, which is about half an hour away from me. I will speak to my GP next week about being referred there. Before reading your article I had no idea that you were able to choose where you were referred so this has been extremely educational for me and will hopefully guarantee me the best chance of proper diagnosis. x


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