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Methods of removing endo

Hi all, I had my first lap last week and removal of endo via Helica. The surgeon referred to it as laser removal, but reading online Helica looks to be slightly different and a book i've been reading suggests its not a very effective method of removal. I was just wondering what methods of removal other people had and how effective they thought they were? Thanks!

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Hi, the gold standard of removing Endo, is excision treatment, thus cuts it from beneath the surface, ie root, by using this it is a lot less likly for the endo to grow back, any form of laser is more like shaving and leaves the roots behind, and therefore can 1 still cause problems and 2 grow back to as before, if you are still suffering after this treatment is complete and you have recovered I would ask you Gp for a referral to a bsge specialist centre, they do not use any for of laser as far as I know, and u are legally allowed to be referred to one as soon as you are diagnosed with endo, do you no where your endo was and what stage your at??



Hi thanks for your reply! I will def take your advice if it comes back / dont feel any better after i have recovered. I am awaiting my full post op consultation (only had surgery last Wednesday). The only details the surgeon gave me after op was that it was mild to moderate and found in my pelvis at entrance to my cervix...and that they laser removed it. Do mot people get a number / stage diagnosis. He also said it was strange as i was compaining about pain on the right, and although they found some endo on right there was a great deal more on the left...said hed show me the pics when i see him. He said my tubes were clear which i guess is good news!? Xx


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