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Hi, I'm having a really bad few days, at the moment I'm curled up in a ball in agony with my hot water bottle. I'm taking my morphine every 4 hours which helps for abit, but the pain soon starts coming back. I'm stuck weather to go a+e or not cos I don't think they will do anything as I'm on prostap and see my gyny doctor in October.

I just thought u would have a little moan on here cos my family and friends especially my husband must be well and truly fed up with me 😩

Sarah x

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Hi hun.

Sorry to hear that you are suffering I'm the same, living with a heat pad and morphine.

I have Adenomyosis and I'm on Zoladex to see if this helps the pain and then needing a hysterectomy 😣.

This is my first month and I have had awful side effects. I got taken in to hospital via a ambulance last week due to my feet swelling so bad and had pins and needles, I was told after a few hours of observations that it's a lovely side effects of zoladex and thar I had got it bad.

Regarding pain I got admitted end of may after going in via ambulance again the on the gynaecology ward I was in for 11 DAYS and all they did was give me the morphine that I could have taken at home myself! They really didn't seem intrested in my endometriosis and Adenomyosis and the pain I'm in.

You aren't alone hun ant time you want to talk message me.

I hope you feel better soon 😊.



That's what I keep telling everyone, they will only do what I'm doing at home and I would rather be in my own bed. I've already had a sub total hysterectomy 5 years ago and back to square 1 as this time it's stuck my Bowel and bladder together so when I have my full hysterectomy the bowel surgeon needs to be there aswell.

I'm just so fed up of it late, I'm having to take time off work and some work colleagues are being horrible about me being off and me and my husband can't do anything without me being in agony, I just wish ppl could understand what we go thru.

I will defo look into yoga, I'm willing to give anything a go even if it only helps abit.

Thank u so much for replying, it really is nice to no I'm not alone xx


Oh hun that is horrible. I can't believe that you have gone through a hysterectomy and this is still going on for you.

I hope that you get your operation soo to get it all sorted out.

I get it completely it hun. I don't know why people have to be so unkind.

I know it's a tough one hun people seem to struggle to understand I think they think it's just period pain, when obviously it isn't.

Yes it is surprising how much having a good stretch helps.

No you arent alone hun.xx


Sorry there was a couple of things I forgot, you aren't alone in your partner being fed up mine also is so fed up.

Something that may help. Yoga really helps me, aich as you think I don't want to exercise. Once you start it feels like heaven to stretch back, legs,hips and pelvis. It's definitely worth trying it really helps relieve some pain for me. Hope it helps

Jo xx


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