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I've had my operation.Ovary was stuck to Bowel, bowel was stuck to bladder and bladder to abdominal wall. D&C. Womb lining was 12 cm thick. Biopsy taken. Ventrosuspension . Ovary covered in Endometriosis and Womb and Bowel. Stage 3. Took away what he could. Only have half a Cervix now. Had to have that cut away. Very abnormal cells. Biopsys sent off. Burnt and cut away at Cervix. Right side adhesions taken away. Three 7cm cysts removed from Ovary. Scar adhesions took away from inside Fallopian tubes. Bit of a mess. Stage 3 Endometriosis x

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I hope the operation leaves you feeling much better, once you have recovered. Well done for getting throughout it, operations can be scary to experience can't they? Best wishes x


Hope you feel better after all this, but sounds scary as I have adhesions also.


Nicky G I was so scared. I cried from the minute I got to the hospital but the staff was really lovely. I'm in a lot of pain today so just resting.

Ade 2015 I was shocked tbh of how bad my adhesions where but I was warned there was probably going to be adhesions xx


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