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Zoladex extreme swelling


I posted earlier asking whether anyone else has had extreme swelling with zoladex.

My feet are HUGE and throbbing. I was told on the early hours of the morning at the hospital they had decided it was a side effect and that I had it bad but not to worry.

I am still kind of concerned because I get bouts of pins and needles still like when I was admitted and then real throbbing. I'm just not sure I should expect this to last.

I have attached a picture which for some reason has been uploaded upside down unsure why.

Thanks for any reply in advance

Jo xx

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Hi Jo - this is listed as a serious side effect that should be reported to your GP. Take this with you.


I certainly wouldn't take any more. x


Thank you Lindle.

I read that it was before I called. The paramedics hadn't even heard of zoladex!!

The Dr in the a &e said he has limited knowledge about zoladex but thought this was a normal side effect. But I feel this really isn't right my feet don't look like they belong to me, I know it's hard to tell in a photo but they are so swollen.

I get so cross with them making it up as they go along.

I do not intend to have anymore I have none pain all my bones hurt. I have parts of my body that if my clothing touches it or anything touches it even lightly it hurts.

I kind of had feeling that I wouldn't get on well with it.

Thanks so much for your reply, I shall contact the Dr surgery tomorrow.

Jo xx


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