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Early menopause!!!

Hi ladies bit of background im 29 and been a sufferer since my 2nd child at age 22... in that time ive tried varies different pills, implant, coil... u name it ive probably had it, I was told another child would ease my smytoms and pain I was so desperate that I went in for another child which led 2 a missed miscarriage... 3 weeks after surgery to remove the pregnancy i was blessed with another pregnancy and I now have a 10month old baby but I can tell you now it aint helped 1 bit if anything im worse!! I went straight onto another pill which I got on with side effect wise but I was stil suffering pain from mid cycle to end of period which kept interfering with my bladder and bowel, I went back to gp to be put on a pill called qlaira which ive been on for 2 months now but I have every side effect goin and what I presume has been ovulation this week has caused me so much pain aswel as feelin sick, having extreme tiredness and generally feelin unwel... ive literally had enough and cant take nomore so I yet again went back to the gp who has said my only other option is to go on medication to put me through the menopause!! Has anyone heard of this or done it? I was rather taken back given my age and im unsure what to do for the best :( x

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Hi, your gp was probably talking about prostap/ zoladex. It is not actually the menopause but a type of drugs that stops your pituitary gland from producing hormones. This gland is the one that produces the hormones that control your menstrual cycle ( in between some others) so that is why you get side effects similar to the menopause but it is not the actual thing. It could help with the symptoms of endometriosis but it will not cure it and it is only a short term treatment. If you search for it in the forum you will find loads of post about it, it helps some people but others have terrible side effects. I had it and it helped me and did not suffer many side effects but every body is different.

Have you asked your gp to refer you to an gynaecologist, ideally in a endometriosis specialist centre? Try to get a referral if you can. The only way to diagnose and treat endometriosis properly is with surgery x


Hi - the medication they are suggesting will reduce your oestrogen as if you were past menopause. This is done to see if a hysterectomy will be the answer. It will not, especially at your age. The only treatment for endo is to remove it not to remove the uterus and ovaries. The protocol is that you should be tried on hormone meds for 3 -6 months to see if that improves your pain then you should be referred for surgery. You have tried hormone meds for much longer than that without success.

Click in my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist. That is your next step. x


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