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Endo and I can't lose weight

Has anyone ever found a correlation between having endo and not being able to loose weight? I only had my first lap on Saturday so I know I'm still bloated from that right now, but my weight and size has been getting me down for years, ever since I seemed to have been getting sick. However up until a year ago, I taught dance every day, ate super healthy and did other activities too, but even then I couldn't trim down. Since I retired I have still kept with healthy eating, done a bit of running here and there and am assistant manager in a multi floor restaurant. Essentially my activity has changed but my out going energy hasn't!

The thing is my arms and legs are pretty much stick thin, it's all in my tummy, im pretty sure I just look like a bowling ball with sticks stuck in it all the time. And it's just really getting me down as I can't wear tight clothes over my body at all. I'm only 25 and would say I'm generally pretty active.

I really don't know what it is or what to do anymore :( any advice? thank you in advance! X

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I'm fat because I can't exercise or go for walks anymore because of the pain. It kinda puts a damper on things. I now added a hysterectomy and an ovary removal to the mix, and now have gained more weight. I also have that stupid 'endo belly' that is driving me bonkers.


I'm in the same boat as both yourself and Ardvarklips... It's a very frustrating and depressing part of this disease... Prior to getting sick, I did crossfit 5 days a week and loved it... Now I can barely go for a long walk.


yes me and i have around 6 stone to lose - it wont shift with diet or exercixe 😓


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