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Period pain


I was diagnosed with endometriosis on my uterosacral ligaments via laparoscopy a month ago today, I am on a progestrogen only pill; which I don't have a break on and should stop any periods, however I have started a period yesterday and it is very painful and heavy. I thought that after my diagnosis and removal of endo I would be in less pain, however this is one of the most painful ones I have had...ever. Anyone have any suggestions pleaseeee?

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Hi. I have been on the Progesterone only pill since December for scar endometriosis. Im still having periods now. Not as frequently and they have changed, now longer lasting but not as heavy for me. It took a few months for things to change. I hope that you get some relief


Give it three months as u are still healing inside. I found that with previous op's and gyn told me this time around wait 3/12 before assessing benefit as the first couple of periods might be rough.


It could be that you have had a follicular cyst on your ovary (as this is a possible side effect of mirena and that it has ruptured which is causing an increase in pain but if it doesn't settle I would get referred back to your consultant. X

I've just had one put in after surgery but still have pain I'm post op 3 weeks still spotting daily but fingers crossed it will settle down. X

Good luck yazza


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