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Help to understand please

Hi ,

I was advised after having external and internal scans my left ovary was enlarged and should be removed.

I had the keyhole surgery last week and was sent home the next day.

I received a letter today which has also been sent my doctor, I am now very confused!

The letter states,

Both ovaries appeared small and adherent to lateral pelvic wall. The left Fallopian tube appeared slightly dilated, adherent to the left ovary. The right Fallopian tube appeared normal. The uterus was absent due to hysterectomy however the pouch of Douglas is obliterated with adhesions. A loop of bowel with it's epiploicae was adherent to the left ovary.

What does this mean, I had my hysterectomy at 24 I am now 54, have always suffered with pain on and off but on the two occasions I went tI the doctors I was told it was irritable bowel, has any of this got anything to do with that and did I have my ovary out for nothing as it wasn't big as the doctor advised me it was.

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Hi - did they actually remove the ovary with it being adherent to the bowel? It would be strange to remove it rather than just free it up. The obliterated Pouch of Douglas means that a pocket of your pelvic lining that extends between the back of your cervix/vagina and the front of your rectum is completely full of scar tissue which has glued both structures to each other. There would normally be deep endo beneath this that was either there at the time of your hysterectomy or has grown since. If you are getting symptoms such as lower back pain, hip and leg pain especially on the left and pain with sex then you should consider asking for referral to a specialist centre for further investigation and treatment. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a specialist. x


Thank you so much for your reply, yes they did remove the ovary.

I have been signed off from the hospital so I only have what my GP will interrupt from the consultants report.

On the letter it says,

The adhesions were released with sharp and blunt dissection. The left Fallopian tube and the ovary removed using Ligasure. The specimen was sent for hystological assessment. Haemostasis was checked with pelvic wash was given.

The secondary ports were removed and the gas let out. The primary port was removed and the rectus sheath closed with no 1 Vicryl needle.

Not sure if you needed all that to understand what they did , but most of it doesn't mean anything to me.

Thanks again

Not so lost


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