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Have any of you experienced this?

This has been playing on my mind for a bit now, and I wanted to see if any other women have experienced this.

Before I knew I had large cysts on my left ovary, I made a hot water bottle to try and help with the pain, I had it across my tummy but something didn't feel right and the hot water bottle felt as though it was burning me. When I lifted it off I had a large circular red mark on my left had side.

Now my hot water bottle has a thick cover on it, also I had a t-shirt and a sweatshirt on, and the bottle still managed to burn me. And why did it burn me just where the cyst was? And it has never ever burnt me before.

I'll admit that at this point I thought I had cancer, because my late father used to experience burning from a hot water bottle but only on his tummy where his tumour was. I have mentioned this to my GP but she didn't really say anything and looked at me like I was crazy.

So have any of you experienced anything like this?


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