What happens during a diagnostic lap & why it's so important to have your diagnostic lap with a surgeon who is experienced in treating Endo!

Just sharing this great article from Libby Hopton & Dr Andrew Cook - please read! :-)

Hopefully it will make you you realise how important it is to see a good experienced surgeon and Endometriosis specialist!

"Have you ever wondered.... what happens during a diagnostic laparoscopy? ...why it is important to have your diagnostic lap with a surgeon who is experienced in treating endometriosis? ...why the disease is sometimes missed altogether?"


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Fantastic article. I think I might even print it to show my gp when I talk to her about a referral to endo centre.


That's a really good idea angelyn! It would help if GP's and Doctors in general had more of an understanding of how challenging it can be to diagnose and treat Endo properly, and that it should only be done by specialists.

Fantastic piece of info. Thanks for sharing.

Hi thanks for the great info

I'm waiting to be diagnosed with endo. I have an appointment next month with the general gyne at hospital. I last saw her in January and she said to get mirena and go back in 6 months. I just wondered if you knew if I would have to go to gp to get referred to a specialist or should I ask the gyne next month


Hi! I think that either of them should be able to refer you? Maybe go and see your GP first and ask them to so you can get the ball rolling, it honestly would be better to have your first lap with a specialist.

Hi Thanks for this - great link. I have always posted that a good read is Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain by Dr Andrew S Cook. Now that Redwine has retired Andrew Cook is considered to be one of the top USA endo consultants.

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