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Ovary stuck via scan yet lap showed it was clear??!

I know it's good news that they said I don't have endo or that my ovary wasn't stuck but that doesn't explain the pain I've been suffered or the fact that three other doctors who are senior consultants have told me that I have endo and that my ovary isn't moving freely and my bowel could be affected yet the lap showes nothing!

Can endo be missed? Can it be hidden or something? I'm honestly feel like I'm going mad and although endo is horrible at least I knew what it was! I don't understand how they could be so sure before the lap that my ovary was stuck and yet it's clear now?! Can they unstick or appear incorrect on a scan? I'm in so much pain from the lap and it really isn't helping that I'm at a dead end.

My mum suffered from it at as a result had a hysterectomy. She and my nan also had endo. So the chance of me having it is high I believe? I'm only 19 so I wonder if it's too early to tell yet or something? Yet the scans all pointed to it with the whole ovary situation!

My follow up is within 6 weeks and my mum thinks we should get a second opinion and defo a internal scan re done to check nothing has been missed or that it's not becoming stuck when something is inserted in me? Sex is very painful and I wonder if this could be the case?

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Hi - if you had the lap done in general gynaecology then endo is often missed especially in a hidden place called the Pouch of Douglas that is a pleat in the pelvic lining deep behind the cervix/vagina and the rectum. That can certainly give a lot of pain including with and/or after sex. You have said that several top consultants have said you have endo but I'm not sure if that was just based on the scan findings. An ultrasound is not very useful for diagnosing endo; it can show endometriotic cysts but not more subtle presentations of the disease. Also an ovary can often appear to go missing on a scan, usually the left, as it can be obscured by the bowel which enters the pelvis on the left.

So I think the thoughts on a stuck ovary are a red herring and that you will have had deeper endo in the POD missed. This is so usual for young girls and the tragedy is that so many are left years being told they don't have endo and cope on pain killers and/or hormone medications that just mask progression of disease only to have it finally diagnosed well into their 20's when it has become severe.

Endometriosis is an autoimmune disease and these often run in families. It may be that only one member has endo but other family members might have other autoimmune diseases. Certainly your mum having it is very relevant to your risk and you are never too young once your periods have started. Many girls realise after a diagnosis that they have had abnormal periods and pain from the moment they started.

You are now in a position to take charge of the course of your treatment to ensure you don't end up as one of those girls who are left until their endo becomes severe. We now have endo centres and you need a referral to one. Keep a diary of all your symptoms across your whole cycle so that you can write out a detailed history for when you go, and learn as much as you can. If you are in England then you have NHS Choices and can go to any you want anywhere in the country.

Click on my name and you and your mum read my first post on endo and its many possible symptoms and the one on POD to see what you identify with. Then the one on how to find a specialist. Feel free to pm me if you need help. x


Thank you for such a detailed answer! I believe it was a endo specialist conducting it but I'm not too sure i will have to ask! And they never mentioned pouch of Douglas!

It was my right ovary that they had confirmed was stuck down so I'm very confused as to how they had got it wrong!


Hi - I should just ignore the ovary issue for now as the most important issue is that you have pain suggestive of endo and a family history. I should get the ball rolling on being seen by a specialist for a second opinion. I don't know what your mum's own endo situation is but she might benefit from a referral too. x


My mum has had a hysterectomy as she had cysts etc. When we go back for the follow up we are requesting a second opinion hopefully from the specialist my mum saw and was treated by as she said she found him amazing and very helpful throughout her care. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this as its really causing me so much stress and making me feel like I'm going crazy!


Hi - just be aware that a hysterectomy isn't a cure for endo and this isn't an option at your age and hormone medication will just mask progression of disease. The only effective treatment is thorough excision which only the skilled specialists do. I don't know if your mum's consultant is an endo expert such as in a BSGE centre but just be aware that general obstetricians 'deal with' endo but rarely in the thorough way that skilled excision surgeons do so be sure to check his credentials and skills.


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