Endo wrapped around uretha

Hi all I had a laparoscopy and cystoscope yesterday , still in a lot of pain ends was found around bladder as I though a d I have a lot of endorsed wrapped around my left uretha. I was fairly out of it when my consultant came round but I do remember him saying it's more complicated on there and he wa to an X-ray to see how best to pursue as quite risky. Has anyone else had this? Xxxx

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Hi - you will mean your left ureter. This is usually a complication of having endo further afield in what is called the Pouch of Douglas. Pouch of Douglas endo almost always arises on the left and this is why the left ureter is the one most commonly involved. If the consultant is a general gynae/obstetrician then he shouldn't be attempting this surgery unless he is a highly skilled endo excision surgeon which is unlikely. Surgery to remove endo on the ureter is about the most complex there is as it is such a tiny tube. Click on my name and read my posts on Pouch of Douglas endo and on how to be referred to a specialist. This really is vital for you as the NHS guidelines themselves recommend that your type of endo must only be dealt with in a specialist centre. x

Hi thanks for reply. Yes it is my left side, just feel relieved they found what I knew all along 3 consultant ants later and having to pay private for it, just anxious if they can do anything or that's it x

Listen to Lindle my sweet she is amazing as are other ladies on here...the amount of info re Endo is complex and quite daunting but my god so worth it...my severe Endo is quite complex as well and other horrible things going on...Hang in there get yourself clued up like Lindle and other ladies will tell you an Endo etc and try and get a Specialist through a clinic of excellence if you aren't already with an endo specialist because when major organs are involved then that's when it gets tricky...my goodness what a place to have it and looking at Lindle's reply OMG ...look after yourself get yourself as fit as possible so you are as compos mentis as possible to deal with the road ahead...sending you best wishes and don't worry easy to say but believe me until today I have been a complete wreck xx

I recently had endo removed from both my ureters, pouch of douglas and bladder (amongst other things!). I was lucky that I was referred to an endo specialist straight away and he was fantastic. However, the op was still long and complicated and recovery has been really tough. Def get yourself referred and check out Lindle's info on how to do that. My experience was hard despite having an expert dealing with it. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted. xx

Thanks for replys seeing consultant on the 16th to discuss, he does specialise in endo as well as urology so hopefully he will be able to help. Emmac2010 what did the surgery involve if you don't mind me asking? Xx

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