Pelvic pain

Hi lady's I had a full hysterectomy July 2014 and have cronic pain in my pelvis,groin,bottom of my back and down my legs.I never had this before was a Big op as I had a very large growth the size of a 🍈 removed total pelvic clear out (they said). I am very tired and in agony,sitting in car,walking really gets me down.I feel worse after than I did before op.

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  • Hi! Did you have your Endo cut out = removed by excision at the same time as you had a hysterectomy? If not then it's quite likely the Endo is still causing you problems, and I would suggest you get referred to an Endo Specialist for a second opinion.

  • Yes I did have endo removed but have been in pain since about 6 months after op

  • Was the Endo definitely cut out rather than burnt? Also did an Endo Specialist do your op rather than a general gynae, although in some cases even with a specialist disease can be missed or not excised properly in the first place tbh.

  • Yes it was cut out at same time as hysterectomy, was never in this pain before op. X

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