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Brown discharge

Hi everyone, I'm still waiting on an appointment to talk about endometriosis but I had a quick question while I wait...is brown discharge quite common with endometriosis? I know I've read somewhere that it can be a symptom but I wasn't sure how common it is. I've had it before and now its started again. My periods are really irregular so I'm not sure exactly when I'd be due on but I'm on about day 28of my cycle but been having brown discharge on and off for 5-6 days now. X

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Hi, I haven't had an official diagnoses of endo but I am in the process. I have this brown discharge every month without fail, for the 5 days leading up to my period. As soon as I finish I don't see it again until 5 days before I'm due on again. I've read that it is a symptom of endo but it can also be a symptom of low progesterone too. I had a blood test to check mine and it came back fine so thinking its to do with endo (pending diagnoses). I hope that info helps, even if it's just knowing your not the only one 😊 xxx


Hi, I have the same thing as you. For the first 24 -36 hours of my monthly I always have a very dark brown discharge followed by the 'normal' bright red blood. I have also been told it is linked to endo, where the body is getting rid of the last bit of last months endo deposit. Also, the last 3/4 months my endo has got much worse and this cycle I had the brown on and off for 5 days before my proper period started. Sorry for the tmi! Hope this helps!


Yes, this is a symptom of endo. It is old blood being expelled. Do raise it at your appointment though so your specialist knows. It's not pleasant at all and even though I know it's an endo symptom it still makes me uncomfortable and feel concerned but that's to be expected!


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