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Please do not name individual specialists or treatment centres

Hi Everyone,

We would kindly like to remind forum users to not mention the names of individual specialists or treatment centres on the forum.

We understand that whilst it is important to be able to express your opinions on your treatment we would greatly appreciate it if you do so without naming specific healthcare facilities or specialists on the message board.

We are aware that one person's experience and needs of a consultant can hugely differ from another. It is therefore our policy to take down any information that we come across regarding specific consultants or healthcare professionals.

We do understand that it can be challenging to find an appropriate consultant in order to ensure the best treatment for you. Therefore we recommend that women seek out institutions that have been peer-reviewed by other medical professionals and deemed centres of excellence. We feel that a good place to start looking for this information is through the BSGE website.


The BSGE accredited specialist endometriosis centres have consultants who are specialists in the field of endometriosis.

We have a team of moderators checking the forum to ensure that our no-naming policy is enforced. If you come across other threads on this message board where the specialists and treatment centres are being named, please report the post using the report button that should be visible underneath it.

Should you make a post that names a specialist or treatment centre or asks for other forum members to recommend specialists or treatment centres, you will be sent a warning and your post will be removed. On this forum we have a standard 3-strike disciplinary system. "Strikes" are assigned in response to inappropriate behavior on the forum. If a forum user receives 3 strikes on the Health Unlocked forum within a 6-month time period, they will be removed from the forum.

We are a very small charity and it takes up a lot of time and resources to moderate the Health Unlocked forum; therefore we really appreciate the cooperation of the forum users when it comes to honoring our code of conduct, which you can find here: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Thank you for your co-operation.

All the best,

Endo UK

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Hi, Sadly I understand the legal issues behind this but also appreciate why forum users would like to be able to discuss their personal experiences of specific treatment centres and specialists.

As such could a disclaimer notice be of benefit to the forum to legally protect the organisation yet allow individuals to share experiences accordingly?


Sorry but I don't agree with not naming consultants. I feel sad that so many of us are suffering due to the inadequate consultants praticing and the better consultants should be mentioned for the benefit of others and to prevent some of the awful things that are happening whilst under GA that are often unnecessary but clearly done by less skilled consultants. I have suffered since I was 18, had 7 previous laps and last week had full excision surgery. I wish that I knew years ago about the consultant who treated me so that I hadn't suffered for so long. The consultant should be named and people should be allowed to research and make their own informed decisions. Online forums shouldn't be secretive nor should helping each other and preventing losing our uterus or ovaries when it is completely unnecessary. We should be educating each other not telling each other off through warnings when we are trying to help


Exactly, that's why I queried why the forum could not just put up a disclaimer notice to protect themselves legally!

I appreciate that everyone's health issues are ultimately unique to them as will be their treatment experiences.

However with such poor advice, knowledge and understanding of endo still existing amongst medical professionals, (as evidenced by comments to patients advising that pregnancy or hysterectomy are definitive cures), it's important that women are able to educate themselves and are allowed access to the best possible medical care and treatment options available to them. Not being able to discuss specific centres or specialists serves

only to impede this.


For heavens sake, people review absolutely everything, why should doctors be any different. May actually mean that the not so 'nice' ones pull their finger out!


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