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Endo, PCOS and B12/folate deficiency - starting a family

Hi there. So I have endometriosis and polycystic ovaries and have also found out that I have B12 and folate deficiency. I know these can all affect infertility and therefore my long term partner and I have been discussing when to start a family.

Basically I am looking for advice and opinions from those with similar problems as to whether we should start trying now or if it is safe to wait a while? I don't want to miss the chance to have a baby!

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey Hun

It's totally personal preference and it's just got to be when you're both ready. Unfortunely because of your health problems it may take a little while. If I had any advice, if you are going to try try all the complimentary treatments. We started trying 18 months ago. I had hoped that we would conceive just like everyone else by just having sex. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

So fast forward 18 months of trying, I was taking vitamins, using the clear blue advanced monitor to pin point my ovulation ( def recommend this!), used fertility lubrication, had Accupunture, eat healthy, stopped alcohol, lost weight, legs in the air.. U name it, we were doing it! Then fell pregnant this month! I can't pin point what is was that got us pregnant and was maybe a combination but my advice would be don't waste time and heartache not giving 100%.

I wish you all the luck and baby dust for when u do decide to try xxx ❤️


Aw congratulations! And thank you :)


Hey just to let you know my experience I have been trying to conceive for 5 years was really confused when it didn't happen but then was diagnosed with endo and that explained why I couldn't conceive. The doctors did tests and said I was fertile but the endo was causing unexplained infertility which is quite confusing. I got pregnant lady year but lost it at 8 weeks and have been trying since to no avail...if you are ready I would start trying as soon as you can and look up foods that help getting pregnant because they are the foods with b12 in them eg dairy, red meats etc. good luck.x.x.x.


Thank you for your comment and advice Bel1789 and I'm really sorry that you have had difficulties. X


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