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Zoladex - alternatives?

So excision has not improved my fatigue, dizziness and pain and Dr suggests zoladex and hrt, as a diagnostic to establish if adeno is root cause of my fatigue, etc. I get that he doesn't want to do hysto until absolutely sure (have all symptons and it has been identified by MRI). So fed up. I've tried zoladex before (without HRT) and Mirena coil - both increased the fatigue and dizziness - so I only lasted a month on each. Anyone have a similar experience and found adding in hrt really improved things?

The prospect of having an injection that makes me feel worse for months, when I'm hanging on by my fingertips to some semblance of a normal live - can't exercise, work, barely can walk, but just about manage to look after family - fills me with dread. Plus I know from experience how low these hormonal treatments make me feel. Any Alternatives?

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Have you discussed provera with your gynae ? It does the opposite of zoladex it makes your body think your pregnant I know it has worked for a fair few I've spoken to


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