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Is this an endo symptom?

Does anyone else experience a pain like this; the best way to describe it is like a stitch pain but deep sharp and spasm like directly over the womb/ bladder area and can take your breath away at is sharpest? For me it can last a few hours and up to a whole day when it's at its worst, it comes and goes throughout the month including when I'm on my period, I am also aware of the pain when I wee. Years ago it was thought it was IBS related but a colonoscopy couldn't find a reason for it so I'm starting to think is it an endo symptom....I was told I had mild endo roughly 11 years ago and had a short course of Zoladex and after my last laproscopy 6 years ago was told no endo was present. So has my endo reared its ugly head again? Only a laproscopy will tell me this I know. Since January of this year I have noticed that I have been getting this pain much more frequent, It is something I have had on and off at different times of the month since the original diagnosis. I am 43 my cycle varies from 20 days to 30 days and I also have chronic mid cycle pain lasting 5 to 9 days per month with this pain being completely different to the ovulation pain. Any ideas ladies?

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Hi - please click on my username and read my first post and the one on pouch of douglas endo to see what you identify with. The pain you describe sounds very much like the pulling of adhesions. Also have your cycles shortened over the years and have you had any children? If so are you aware of things getting worse afterwards. x


Thank you for replying Lindle. Yes I have noticed my cycles getting shorter as have my actual bleeding days but I have also noticed I now have strong PMT never used to get this in the younger years and I have one child who is almost 12 and my symptoms have gradually worsened since having him.

I have read the post you suggested with great interest and I identified with many of the things mentioned. At the end of 2013 I was put on the list for a hysterectomy to cure me of my ovary pain but as we know it's not an endo cure so after 5 months on the list and without a surgery date I took myself off the list that's when I tried to mirena which was the most uncomfortable thing ever to be inserted but after 7 months of what felt like being stabbed by it with each period I had it removed and that pain has stopped.

I can see a visit to the GP coming yet again.


Hi - I guess your bleeding days will have got heavier and more painful. I have a lot of messages to reply to and don't want to loose track of you as we need to get you on the road to proper treatment and prepared for your GP visit. Can you send me a private message and I will get back in a day or two. x


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