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Ginger tummy rub for pain

Hi lovely ladies,

Just thought I'd pass this on for anyone suffering from cramps, period pains and, well any pain from inflammation. Works if you have lower back pain too.

Gently rub a little oil on your tummy - the best is sesame, but who has that to hand readily in their cupboards, so a little olive oil, vegetable oil, baby oil or plain massage oil will do just as well.

Mash up some fresh ginger (about half inch piece), or ginger powder mixed with a little water, and spread that on top of where you've rubbed the oil.

Cover with a thin cloth, old t-shirt or towel and lay a hot water bottle or hot pack on top.

The heat will help the magic anti-inflammatory power of the ginger soak into your body. You can also sip some ginger tea for good measure. This will help with any nausea too.

If you are bloated too, sip peppermint tea or chew on some mints (preferably natural, with no sweeteners).

You can mix a little peppermint oil or Olbas Oil in with the ginger on your tummy as well. Peppermint is an anti-spasmodic (for the cramps) and also helps relieve stress and anxiety. (Be careful with peppermint oil as it can feel as if it is burning on some people, so always only a drop or two in another oil)

These are natural wonders and don't contain all the 'nasties' (E-numbers, sugars and starches and chemicals) that are hidden in over-the-counter packets of tablets. Basically the tablets are a form of carrying the effective ingredient into the body - why not just take the effective ingredient without the other stuff.

One tiny bottle of peppermint oil will outlast 20 packets of wind-release tablets, and is way cheaper. You can buy ginger in an oil too, but I find it easier to have some ginger root stuffed in the freezer, where it lasts for ages, and you can shred an inch or two on a cheese grater for quick use.

Google the uses of both ginger and peppermint if want to know more, and you will find that there's a whole load more good stuff they do. They work as quickly as the chemicals too. I guarantee that before you've sipped even a quarter cup of peppermint tea you'll will be burping and farting like a trooper. Just a shame they don't smell of peppermint too!

I hope they work as well for you as they do for me.

Maud x

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Thanks maud - shall definitely try that ginger rub!


Really good idea. Thanks. I add ginger to my food and also make tea with freshly grated ginger. I also add a large chunk to my daily fresh juice. Ginger is amazing stuff and as you say very anti-inflammatory. In Ayurvedic medicine it is recommended that a small piece of ginger is chewed before a meal to aid digestion. I drink a lot of mint tea. Very good for the digestion and stops all bloating etc.

Great idea to put the ginger in the freezer. Never thought of that.


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