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Excruciatingly intolerable painful periods post-delivery. Any help would be appreciated!?


I gave birth 7 months back and my first period after delivery was normal. But starting from second month the period pains are a 100 times worse than labor pains, excruciatingly painful so much so that I end up going to the hospital emergency room every month for the last 6 months. Went to hospital emergency again (as usual) this month and was discharged just 2 days back. I have had ultrasound done, CT scan done, went to 2 different obstetricians/gynecologists, had another ultrasound in the emergency room. They claim to have eliminated some possibilities, but none have been able to identify the cause of the pain or provide any lasting relief.

Lately during these painful periods, and at my doctor's instruction, I have been taking high powered Hydrocodone every three hours. Prior to that I used to take 800mg Ibuprofen every 3 hours. My next plan was to try Acupuncture - which I did just yesterday and the Acupuncturist it seems did not do a good job because I don't feel any difference (she kept the needles for just 30 seconds and removed it. I thought the needles are to be kept longer than that). Now I am going to be a different Acupuncturist day after tomorrow. I am terrified of needles but willing to try anything to fix this problem. This pain is just unbearable; just the thought of it is scary! Don't want to go through it anymore!

Long story short, I want to know if anyone out there has experienced anything like this. My painful periods just finished 2 days back and I have 2.5 more weeks to live life, before I am dragged through hell again. I cannot describe how painful they are. Labour pain was much, much gentler and more tolerable than this.

Does anyone have suggestions or advice on this? Has anyone else has experienced something like this? What did you do to fix it, if you fixed it?



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Have you tried Tranexamic Acid? X


I think that in the short term at least you need to get your periods stopped. Lots of us girls with endo have awful period pains, but you will need a diagnosis.

Two possible options are taking the pill back to back or taking visanne a progesterone only hormone pill to stop your menstral cycle. However you do need to go to a gynae possibly an endo specialist, your GP can refer you. It sounds severe enough for you to push to see an endo specialist as a lot of general gynaes don't really understand endo.

Good luck, hope you get some relief xx


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