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Finally a doctor who listened!

I went to my new Gp three months ago, just to get a new perception of my pill. He told me I should not be on it long term. He said it was a risk and I had put on a few pounds since i had last been weighed by a doctor.

I panicked at his comments and went away to think about the other methods of contraception, as he advised.

this morning I went to see a lady doctor whom I explained my worry about coming off the pill to try something else.

I explained about the painful heavy and irregular periods I have suffered since i started them.

I explained about the pain I get in my pelivice, down my legs, the ache I get in my lower back, the stabbing pains I get up my bottom, And more recently the bleeding I experience just before my cycle starts from part we should not bleed from.

She looked at me and just said you have all the classic symptoms of endometreosis

I struggled to conceive and have tried all manner of pain relief, (I find a tens machine, helps when I am really suffering)

To have her say I can stay on my pill as hormones are the first point to control the symptoms. Well I was so relieved. Coming off the pill would leave me a real mess. I still experinece a lot of pain, but I can function whilst I remain on it. She said to see if the secondary bleeding gets any worse and if this pill stops helping then we can look at other treatments and a referral

I have had so many different brands and at the age of 33 this one seems to help at the moment.

I thought I was mad, to finally have a name given to my problems is such a milestone (it has only taken 20 years)

Does any body else experience bleeding from their bottom? Sorry to ask.


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Endometriosis can only be diagnosed by surgery. Are you being referred for a laparoscopy?

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To answer your question - yes I do. Don't be embarrassed to ask here - we all understand! Glad your GP is listening and I hope you get referred and correctly diagnosed and treated. Take time to read all the advice on here and ensure any consultant is from the list of endo specialists not a general gynae.


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