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Feeling it!

Hi, after my discussion with Mummy1982 I have now booked in with my GP to push and see my specialist again. This week I have really felt it and feel like I am being pushed to my limits. My body is aching so much and I just want to cry. This site has helped me understand that what I have been going through isn't in my head. After my lap I was told that I just needed to have a baby and they would see me when my symptoms come back!! I didn't know what symptoms I was looking for until I read your blogs. I have been suffering in silence with tiredness, shooting pains, headaches. My partner said to me recently "there is always something wrong with you" (he didn't mean it in a nasty way) I thought I was being a hypochondriac.....maybe not. I feel so angry and upset all the time. The fact that since I was 21 I have been on and off depression tablets and to find out that my endo could be the cause makes me more upset. I wasn't given any information at the time of diagnosis.

I am sorry for ranting, I just feel I don't have anywhere to turn to at the moment. Can anyone help me with what to say to my GP, I don't want to go in ranting like a crazy woman but I need to get my point across. I went to see her recently and she was discussing lupus with me which has similar symptoms to endo, I cant get my head around that this was flagged up. My endo never came up in conversation apart from when I said we wanted to try for a baby in the near future.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me xx

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Hi - you say that your symptoms aren't too bad but we do tend to put up with pain as if it becomes 'normal' to us. You mention lower back, stabbing pain and numbness in the top left leg which are all significant even if not perceived as severe to you. The way to get through to your GP is to take evidence with you and ensure he/she writes everything down as a permanent record of your consultation.

Click on my username and have a look at my latest post on Pouch of Douglas endo to see if you relate to those symptoms. You might also like to look at my very first post on endo generally and share this with your partner so he understands the complexities of this condition.

We know that 4 years ago your bowel was involved and the surgery is unlikely to have been thorough if done by a general gynaecologist. I think it very likely that you have endo in the POD (since essentially that was what you had then) which must only be dealt with now by a specialist in an endo centre. You need to take a list of your symptoms and check that your GP writes them all down. Then have a copy of my post on POD endo with you, the ESHRE guidelines that refer to endo centres and the BSGE list and other documents referred to in my 'finding a specialist' post that explain your right to see a specialist of your choice. Have a good look through it all first to get a feel of where you want this to go and then say you are concerned that you have symptoms of POD endo and wish to be seen in an endo centre. The referral should be to the named gynae there. If you encounter any resistance be sure to make him/her write down why if it isn't considered appropriate. Hopefully it won't come to that but get back if you have any problems. If your partner could go with you for support it would help. x

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Thank you so much for your advice. I am now collating some information to take with me to the GP. My partner is away the day I go to the GP but hopefully if I get to a specialist he will be able to come with me.


Hi hun.

I'm glad that you are making a appointment but sorry to hear you are suffering hun.

I would speak to your Gp about you previously having Endometriosis which is enough with your symptoms and your previous diagnosis to have a referal to a specialist.

I understand what you are saying about your partner unfortunately people who don't have endometriosis seem to struggle to understand it as there isn't a lot of awareness about it.

I don't know what you are currently taking for relief of your pain but I would try and discuss this with your Gp also as you will be in for a wait for your referal and then for the laparoscopy, it makes it all worse when your pain isn't under control.

I hope this helps hun and that you get the treatment thar you need xx

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