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Things are finally looking up! :)

Hi all,

Just thought I'd spread my good news, as I feel a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders! :)

Today I had my appointment with an endometriosis specialist who I had heard great things about. It was a long wait to see him, but it was worth it! (9 months overall).

Anyway, told him my story and he's adamant I have endometriosis on the wall of my womb apparently. He's also keen to do a laparoscopy, which is great news because I had been palmed off up until now about a lap. He's referring me to a physiotherapist because he thinks theres muscles in my lower abdomen that are causing some of my pain. He's reassured me that if he finds endo he will do his best to take it away, and he will be fitting a mirena coil at the same time. Finally I'm getting closer to a diagnosis after such a long wait, I got a good feeling about this doctor.


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That's amazing I kept on being palmed off too with one Dr telling me I had STI'S! ! Joke!! Now have a diagnosis and looking forward to a kind of pain free life fingers crossed xx


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