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Natural conception with endo?

I am 32 and was diagnosed with endo last year in my left ovary, I got a lap done and was on clomid for 3 cycles but could not conceive (we have been trying since my lap). However, I again developed a endo cyst. Tubes are fine and right ovary is fine but have not been able to get pregnant yet. Lap has caused a very low ovarian reserve only 0.38 :(

My doc adviced me to go for IUI / IVF without wasting further time. Me and my husband are a little sceptical about getting hormone treatments as it could only worsen my cyst. We are planning to go for IUI with natural cycle as I am ovulating from right ovary.

Has anyone conceived naturally or with IUI with similar conditions as mine? I am realy worried as doc also told me about the endo toxins that interupts with conception. Also what side effects IVF may have on my body?


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