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Does anyone know a Specialist in the Midlands

I saw my 3rd gynaecologist yesterday since my hysterectomy who claimed to specialise in endometriosis. After seeing her I realised she clearly isn't.

Ladies I desperately need help in finding a specialist in the Midlands I live in the Staffordshire area. I'm still suffering from chronice pain along with all the other stuff that comes with it.

Any help would be appreciated x

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There is a lovley lady on here called Lindle and she knows a lot about these specialist centres, please message her, she'll help you find a centre that suits you x hope you get sorted soon xx


Hi - I'll reply privately but for others the way you find out if a specialist is a specialist is first to see if they are named at any centre on the BSGE list (see my post on finding a specialist) and if they aren't google their name with gynaecologist after and their profile should come up under doctoralia or a private hospital. If it says 'obstetrician' with general gynaecology under 'special interests' then they are not an endo specialist. If it gives a list of conditions treated including endometriosis then they are not a specialist (since endo is included in general gynae) unless their professional memberships include to endoscopy societies, which would then indicate skill at excision and not just ablation. Also there may be text under indicating their training. If no profile comes up at all then you can usually assume they area a very general gynae and can sometimes find them listed under the gynaecology department of the hospital you went to.



I went to bupa for a first consultantation and the gynae was very experienced in end luckily. I am based in stoke on trent. I am happy with the treatment I received from him. He was my surgeon for my first lap. I am not sure if I'm allowed to name names, but look up Dr Misra at north staffs hospital in newcastle-under-lyme, he specialises in endo for both the NHS and bupa patients.

Good luck x


I'm in stoke and I see Misra too....he's lovely


miss marley at the city or qmc hospitals Nottingham you wont get better and tell her michelle evans says hi


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