Does anyone know?

Does anyone know if you have a breathing tube put in for a lap? Just want to know so i can buy something like soothers when i go to buy everything else i might need because I've heard you get a bit of a sore throat after one of those. Thanks in advance! Oh and thanks to everyone that commented on my last post, feeling a tad more confident about having this done now!

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  • Hi.

    Yeah i believe you do. I did when I had my Laparoscopy and know when I was coming round I kept coughing from where it had been in. Yes definately stock up on something for your throat and peppermint tea for the gas pain yet get from them filling your stomach peppermint tea really helps.

    Hope this helps.

    Jo xx

  • Thank you, the nurse said i might want to bring peppermint tea with me, where is the cheapest place to buy peppermint tea please? X

  • Yes I would definately recommend the peppermint tea for the first few days as the gas pain can be around for a few days. I'm pretty sure you can pick it up in most supermarkets I ordered mine online from tea pigs though I'm wouldn't be able to say if they were the cheapest.

    Good luck for your laparoscopy x

  • Ooo i love teapigs! Had one of their chocolate tea bags once! Deffo cheers you up when you're in pain! Thanks hun, 99.9% sure i'll be fine! :) x

  • Yes so do I. You will be absolutely fine I have my first laparoscopy 5 Weeks Ago And I Was Terrified I Had Never Had A Anesthetic And I Have A Mega Needle Phobia Which I Know Sounds Ridiculous As I Have Given Birth To 3 Children But I Was So Stressed About Having The IV I was nearly sick when we got to the hospital. But I can honestly say you will be fine the anesthetic is fine you are only in the room for seconds and the next thing I remember was coming round in recovery you will be fine x

  • Oh gosh! It's so good to find someone who actually knows how scared i am haha, i'm just not looking forward to being put to sleep, hate the feeling of losing control with a bunch of strangers standing around haha do they give you the anasthetic in the theatre? Or in a separate room? X

  • I really do I understand I was crying so much when they took me down and the lovely lady was doing her best to make me laugh I was shaking as I was so scared. Theu even said to me i needed to relax as i had the pulse thing on my finger and it was really high!You are in a little room before you go in to the theatre you lay on the bed and you have the anesthetic in your iv and you just suddenly feel like you can't stay awake and then the next thing I remember was coming round in recovery opening my eyes and being confused as to where I was ( a bit like younger days when I had drank too much and crashed on someone's bedroom floor lol!l) And after I realised where I was I was fine she felt so relieved that it was all done. Honestly you will be fine. I would have been if I had found this site prior to my laparoscopy but I had been convinced by previous Gp that my pain and periods aren't that bad and I wouldn't have it! They are bad and as it turns out I have endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

    I hope this helps you though to know that you honestly will be fine x

  • That is what i'm going to be like, i can see it now haha! I'm quite scared that they're gonna go in and not find anything wrong. What's adenomyosis?.

    I have been quite lucky that my drs have listened to me about my paim, i was really ill in December with this, so they took me quite seriously. Xx

  • I think it's normal to worry that they won't find anything bad worry you are still going to be in pain. I ended up changing Gp as I was fed up of being ignored. The new Gp is fab she sent the referral I'm our first appointment helped me with better pain relief and she said that I looked very unwell, I was fainting and being sick with the pain all the time and she said that was concerning last Gp pretty told me I was being a drama queen lol. But at least now I've got where I need to be to get treatment but it's been a long journey. Adenomyosis is where it's is growing in my womb but they can't remove it it's to hard to get to the only cure is a hysterectomy which Is what I have to consider as it's only cure and my pain still hasn't gone. 😩x

  • Oh gosh, that's such a huge decision to make, i couldn't do it, i want children one day, im concerned that if i do have endo, then it'll make me infertile, which i don't want x

  • I just feel very lucky that all this got really bad after my having my 3 beautiful children. There are lots that they can do to help you conceive if you do have any problems conceiving. Usually they clear or the endometriosis by a lap and most people seem to conceive. Adenomyosis is more uncommon than endometriosis so fingers crossed if you have something then it's just endometriosis xx

  • I hope so too, obviously i don't want endo but would rather have that than what you have, i really do feel for you hun xx

  • Thanks. I hope everything goes well with your laparoscopy what date is it? Message me to let me know how you get on x

  • 28th of this month, i will deffo message you and let you know, thank you so much for our chat hun, really do feel more at ease about all of this now xx

  • Not long then the waiting is the worst bit they only rang my 3 days before mine and I couldn't sleep once I knew lol, but if I had found this site it would have put me at ease. I'm glad it's helped to calm you. Yes keep in touch if there is anything else you think of just send a message . Hoping all will go well for you x

  • Yes, waiting definitely the worst, i've felt sick every day since I got the letter haha slowly convincing myself it's not gonna be that bad though! Did some research on my surgeon and found out he's the lead consultant and that he went abroad somewhere like 3 years ago to volunteer in a hospital. This makes me somewhat more confident about him operating on me haha x

  • Just keep telling yourself that it's means to a end, you need it done to stop the pain you are in that's what my other half kept saying to me. Well that's good that he is the lead surgeon, mine was will be fine. Have you got someone to look after you after you laparoscopy? X

  • I got some kalms this morning, really helpful! Yes, i live in a house share with my boyfriend, so he is gonna look after me for the 24 hours and then when he goes back to work, i'll have plenty of people to look after me which is really good xx

  • Yes I have used them before. They do really help. That's good that you have lots of people to look after you as I think you probably need someone for first few days after x

  • I hate living in a house share, but it's helpful in Times like this haha! Work have been so supportive too which is handy! Xx

  • That's good that they are being supportive

    So have mine I've been off work 11 months due to this and they have been great about it x

  • Yeah, I'm so lucky to have a supportive manager and area manager, they're both great xx

  • U do indeed x it's absolutely fine don't worry at all xxxx

  • Thanks hun, not worried just want to be prepared :) x

  • i didnt know the answer to your question, i had a lap done in 13 and didnt even realise i would of had that done, it always make me feel a bit queezy when you see them do it on the tv lol, from what i can remember i didnt have a sore throat when i woke up.

    sending hugs


  • Hello yes for about a week after my laparoscopy my throat was so sore well my whole body was sore. I was miserable however I wouldn't change having the surgery its been two months on the 9th of April I was scared at first but I'm feeling so much better it was so intense I fainted at work I ended up having to call in I wasn't able to get out of bed some morning's I just lay there and cry.

  • You will have a tube for a lap but it doesn't always hurt. I've had several ops for different things and only had a really sore throat after one in a different hospital. Luckily I had some coconut oil with me and they gave me honey too. Both are very soothing.

  • Thanks hun,will bear that in mind xx

  • Yes, you do. Glycerin based throat pastilles are good.

    Get some Windeze too.

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