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Anyone know of any good NHS endometriosis specialist in London?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in Feb 2011 and pills to lessen the pain and lighten my flow, (but have been living with the symptoms for years; in 2005 had chocolate cyst removed after miscarriage but for some reason wasn't diagnosed!), but my symptoms are much worse now. I went to see my GP to explain that things are getting worse and was asked to have a scan AGAIN, and then hopefully be referred.

Anyone know/ recommend any nhs specialists in London to be referred to?

Many thanks.

p.s. So happy to find this site and realise I am not on my own. This condition affects so many people, women AND their partners, just wish it was curable. We live in hope! xx

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Hey, don't know about a good endo specialist, guess it will be a 'general' gyno that will see you on the NHS. They did a 'gel' trans vaginal test on me last time, which i had to press for, so do research and 'demand' the tests! i got fobbed off three years ago as they thought it was polystic ovaries, now it turns out to be chocolate cysts.....Just make sure you have a list of questions with you and if you're not happy get a new referral to another clinic.

Good luck with everything ! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage :(


Hi Scared, thanks for ur response. I have an appointment for another gel trans vaginal scan in Feb and have been researching endo like mad; I've also been keeping a list of symptoms. I'll prepare a list of questions, as as you suggested, which will be helpful. Did they do anything about ur chocolate cysts?



I first want to say i am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage :( I went thru hell after my last lap in feb 2010...after i felt great but less then a year later it started to get bad again. i have been on all the different injections sincei was 18 and they said because i was still on an injection the pain couldnt be that bad so they sent me to a pain clinic, they also said because i also had a chocolate cyste removed in 2004 and it was 10 pounds and attached to my stomach,ovaries,wombs(which i have 2 of) cervix(which i have 2 of also) falopian tubes,bowels and back and because of that all those organs are covered in scar tissue and stuck together. My gyna even tho he was amazing he is Dr. Barnik at homerton hospital in london (if you want to get intouch) and he was amazing. he refused to deal with me and sent me to the pain clinic and they put me on narcotics. anyway i had breakthrough bleeding in sept 2010 and they did a scan and saw a pocket of fluid not sure if it was another cyst but they just left it and after that i was thrown around between my gp, gyna and pain clinic. finally i had enough and begged my gp to send me for a scan and now i am waiting for 1 of 2 ops that i will be having. sorry to ramble on. but my point is pester them non stop until you get what you want! it is your health that is number one and you know your body better then they do so call them every day and drive them crazy till they give in. if you live close enough to homerton or are willing to travel to Dr Barnik or even Dr Roberts(if you prefer a woman) its totally worth it and they are both amazing! hope everything works out :) x


Thanks Heather- really sorry to hear about your situation, that sounds horrific. It's lucky you're such a tough cookie, otherwise that would drive u crazy. Good luck for ur next procedure. Hope it goes well. I'm nor sure where Homerton is, but I'll definitely look into it. Someone recommended the UCLH (on Euston Road) to me as they have an endo centre there- which is quite close to me. Thanks again for sharing and i'll keep you posted x


I was treated at Homerton Hospital in Hackney during the autumn, and I found the staff and atmosphere very comforting despite my circumstances. The doctor that did my laparoscopy is called Dr Barnick and is a very good surgeon. He is both a private consultant and an NHS one. I would recommend him.

Best of luck.


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