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I'm after some advice from you lovely ladies

I had a part hysterectomy 2 yrs ago with a mirena fitted after. it wasn't enough so cerezette was given but one a day was not enough so have double dose.


that them made be in PMT ALL the time. the mood swings have been terrible and the itch...the eating of crappy foods meant that my weight is going up and that doesn't help. and recently over the past 6 weeks progressively been feeling suicidal...

not a good place to be in...

I told my GP I am off the drug and seeing how my own body copes...if it doesn't, is a complete hysterectomy the answer??


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Hi, so sorry your feeling so low,

what was you given a hysterectomy for and by part was it just uterus removal, also how old are you?

I've been diagnosed with endo and ADENOMYOSIS, I see my consultant yesterday after a lap 3weeks ago, he excised endo from uterus and ligament, he has no put me on list for total hysterectomy but leaving overies in, as ive still got al symptons from before lap, so it must be the adeno that's causing my pain

When was you diagnosed and have you had any endo removed?

Please try to keep your chin up and ask your Gp to refer you back to a specialist in endo doc,



hi Tboag

I think I need to go back to the consultant... I want to know how severe my endo is or if it may be adeno.

im 46 and was diagnosed 2yrs ago and have had an ovary removed along with 3 large fibroids

the lower back pain is very painful and annoying as it stops me from doing things.. worse at time of month

I may need a complete hysterectomy too

something I am not looking forward to

thank you for your kind words of encouragement


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