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Endo and Polycystic ovaries?

Dear All,

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on polycystic ovaries and endo for me. In the 2 laps I have had polycystic ovaries was never mentioned. I changed to a endo speicalist centre when symptoms recoccured and had an internal ultrasound scan, to which the consultant told me my ovaries are 'polycystic' - does this mean I have pcos?? or does this just mean I have cysts on my ovaries during the time of the scan?

Many thanks x

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I was told I had poly cystic ovary syndrome due to the amount of cysts on each ovary (up to five on each is considered normal whereas I had around 20) I had no other noticeable symptoms however. There is some link to ovarian cysts and endo but I'm insure as to what extent this is!



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