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Pain relief

Hi all :-)

Hope your all coping well.

I would like to know what everyone does for pain relief?

I have been taking zapain/cocodamol for nearly 2 and half years and as you know, is not good!! But its the only thing that helps with my pain. My gp sometimes gives me orphamorph or tramadol because the zapain obviously gets used to my body and doesn't always do the trick.

Im on a lot of medication for my age (21) . All together I'm on Amitriptiline, sertraline/lustral, vesicare, senna, and the pill.

Thanks in advance,


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Just read your post and minus the sertraline and vesicare you're on all of the meds that I'm on and I'm 18 so I know how you feel about taking loads of tablets!!

The only pain relief that works for me is tramadol however, I am finding that this isn't as strong as it was when I first started taking it but sometimes does the trick if I have paracetamol with it? So maybe that is worth a try:-)

Also I got fed up of living off painkillers so I recently bought a TENS machine. Feels a bit strange at first but I find that it helps with moderate pain and numbs where the pain is but doesn't do as gooder job with more severe flares!

Hope this might help you a bit:-)


I feel voltarin supository really helps me and its strong if I cbat find it then I take 3 broufine pills 200 with food it helps me.

My question is how long can we take these pills they are very strong and im sure not good for us! I can't imagine life without pain killers!!


Hello I use tramacet, it's a mix of Tramadol and paracetamol. I also take naproxen twice a day. The tramacet makes me feel terribly nauseous and i really struggle with eating when I take it! Hardly any appetite at all! Does anyone else find this with the Tramadol? I've tried a lot of pain relief but prolonged use makes them generally ineffective!


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