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Help Please

Has anyone else had problems with GP's and hospitals?

I got my GP to book an appointment to go back to my consultant at the hospital and the earliest they can give me is July. I've been waiting for this appointment since the beginning of February. My doctors have sent the hospital 2 follow up letters asking them to get me an appointment sooner. so far I have had nothing. can anyone give me some advise as to how to quicken the process.

Also has anyone else had pain when they cough or sneeze? Every time I sneeze or cough my stomach hurts and I get this really bad shooting pain round my lower stomach and it just gets worse, it also travels up the left side and under my ribs. Any advise or help would be great.

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Hello SamanthaJane,

Just to say that you aren't on your own with the long, long waiting times. I was referred to my surgeon for my third lap in September and I'm still waiting for my operation date, despite having my pre-op appointment in January! My poor surgeon has had some surgery himself and they have no one to replace him, so it seems. So the wait continues... it's looking like at least May.

Just keep giving the surgeon's secretary at the hospital a call, especially if you are really uncomfortable. That's what I'm doing. Not badgering them, but a gentle reminder every so often that you are still there, so that if a cancellation comes along, they'll bear you in mind! At least your doctors are being proactive about it, so that's good.

As for the pain when you cough, sorry to hear that. Maybe mention it when you go to see the doctor and see what they recommend. I wear a heat patch all the time (the ones that are meant for shoulder and back pain) and I find that helps me to be able to get on with things.

Hang on in there and make sure you keep persisting!


Hi marple27

Thank you for the reply.

My doctor sent them a letter in February which they never received so sent through another one last month and again this month to try and get it sorted, the doc thinks I may need another op and that the endo could have started to move up my left side and that would be why I'm getting the pain there too, he also thinks the endo may have also blocked my tubes and be suffocating my ovaries, and cz ive also been disgnosed with cysts on my ovaries, it's possible I could have another endometriotic cyst, he said that my left side and right side where my ovaries sit is inflamed and almost looks bloated, he's more worried about my left side as that's worse than my right side, he said one of the options for me to consider is having my tubes and ovaries removed and my eggs frozen, to try and stop the endo spreading.

He's also slightly but not overly worried that the endo may have grown over the coil and I may need to have it surgically removed.

I'm really worried and scared about going back to the hospital as I'm scared of what they will say. Xxx


Best to ask hosp 4 ur consultants secretary's number ring her ask for earlier appt I managed to get mine brought forward a little , but the wait is always long hun, ur lucky u don't pee aswell as the shooting pain when u cough or sneeze to be honest u prob have endo stuck to bladder kidney pipes an bowel that's why I got shooting pain, once they get it all out of u it will be ok however it always comes bk least it did with me, until I had total hyst everything out even cervix best thing I ever did! But it's hard wiv no hrt, but I'm 48 if ur young then u've a battle ahead Good luck x


Hi - I'm not sure what your history is but if you've had a lap and are wanting an appointment because it hasn't resolved your pain then you should consider a referral now to an endo specialist. Most GPs and many general gyneas don't seem to even know about them. Many people with endo problems have had many laps by general obstetricians that just don't get to the root of the problem.

Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist x



I am being seen by and endo specialist or so I am told, I go to addenb rooks hospital in cambridge that has an endo clinic and specialist, he's just really hard to get an appointment with.

I am considering getting my doctor to possibly refer me to someone else who's a specialist as I can't keep going with the pain, and not now that my mums unwell and getting worse as I have to look after her as well as work full time. Xxx


Hi - there doesn't seem to be an accredited centre there, but at the same time this doesn't necessarily mean he isn't suitably qualified. Can you private message his name so we can check his skills. My concern is that you are looking at a second op and he seems to be going into a great detail about your ovaries and tubes which suggests he might be an obstetrician and primarily involved with the effect of endo on the reproductive organs when endo can extend much beyond those. x


I go to the same place and waiting times are extremely long - took me nearly a year to get surgery. :-( If you see the same surgeon I see then I believe he is also linked with Endo UK.


Hi SamanthaJane,

It sounds like you have got the right specialist for your problems but it's a case of waiting...we both just need to work out a way of cloning these endo specialists, so that we can be treated more quickly!

I'm amazed that they've managed to tell you so much about your suspected problems before your op; on my scans, the endo never seems to show up, so it's always a mystery until they open me up! So in a way, although it may seem scary to know all this now, at least it informs your surgeon and enable them to work out a clear course of action/treatment for you.

I have asked my GP to refer me to a pain clinic, maybe something like that might be of help whilst you wait for your op date? x


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