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Please help to find a Chemical free hair colour, struggling to use Henna!


Hello Endo sisters!

I have had endometrioses for the past 10 years (thats when I got diagnosed) and over the years I have learnt that chemicals are very bad for women with endometrioses so I started buying natural skin care products.

Please let me know if any of you have found a way of colouring your hair easily without chemicals! I would really appreciate some suggestions. It is affecting my confidence big time as My hair is suddenly turning gray since giving birth to our baby. Henna does not seem to do much for my hair and thats the only thing I have used so far.

Also I can share how I changed my diet and used self care routine to heal my body enoygh to concieve if anyone wants to know. Im not medically trained but believe in using natural remedies/herbs and food to heal the body.

Look forward to reading from you guys.

Healing energy to us all!


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Thank you Lindle, I tried that. Have you personally used a natural/organic hair colour? Are they any good? Thank you for replying.

What kind of henna did you use? Lush do a variety of shades of henna blocks which is all natural and cruelty free

Peepa in reply to Tryx

Yea thats the one I used from Lush, it somehow does not color my greys properly. Its a fantastic conditioner for hair though.

My hair is very dark naturally, like jet black so you can imagine how much grey is standing out! Endometrioses has given me enough confidence issues already and on top of that my hair turning grey is not helping😞.

My understanding is that Henna does not work on, or colour grey hair. Also, it causes problems for a long time after, as you cannot put other hair colour products onto henna'd hair, until all henna is gone. My attitude is that it is all chemicals, henna included ... some of our most powerful poisons and toxic chemicals are 'natural'. I would prefer to use products that have been approved - at least there is some comeback then, if things go wrong. This does not have to mean they have been tested on animals. I would try your local Health Food shop for starters. If you have a branch of something like 'Greenlife' near you, even better. However, be warned that most of the non-permanent products, will not cover grey, and you may have to use permanent products. As Lindle suggests, search on the internet, but I would also talk to reputable stores, in person - and be sceptical.

Peepa in reply to GrittyReads

Thank you for your message, I will visit my local health shop. Do you think chopping my hair off might help (to colour it) as in if I have short hair or will grey look more obvious that way?

GrittyReads in reply to Peepa

In my experience it looks (looked) pretty awful, long or short. I feel really feeble and non-feminist saying that, but true. It's a 'pain' that the thing I loved about myself, most, (appearance-wise, that is) was my hair colour, and I just don't feel 'me' or as confident/dynamic without my red hair.

I now have a good product, non-ammonia dye, done in a salon, but it is excruciatingly expensive, and still not 100% safe. I had a phase of allergies - nothing to do with endo - which is why I stopped with the usual permanent dye. I tried foils - they were more expensive - and I also looked grey at roots that bit quicker, though it is a better solution if you are allergic, as it doesn't (shouldn't) touch the scalp.

Hope you get sorted!

Peepa in reply to GrittyReads

😞, I know as it is getting me really down these days.

Ill see what I manage to do, I never thought about how much hair can affect one's confidence until started getting grey hair, wish I had enjoyed my naturally dark hair more when I had it all dark😞.

Have u a good hair dresser ? I started a few years ago getting a reaction to hair dye. I stopped having any on my roots and just having foils . My hair dresser found products by wella that where more natural. You could try contacting wella for advise, just a thought. X

Peepa in reply to Katharinew

Oh bless you! thank you for this suggestion, I will look into this.x

And remember grey is the new black , how about going the new silver grey colour 😊 x

Peepa in reply to Katharinew

Depends if it would suit me, Im very pale and hair is jet black naturally so grey kind of stands out.

Actually Im looking for something I can apply at home myself, Endometrioses is costing mecalot, eating organic food which as you probably know is bit more expensive and also recently bought a kangen water machine and still paying for it😬....

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