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Extreme pain is back :'(

So I had my coil removed in February and off the pill in December as myself and my partner were trying for a baby whilst awaiting my second lap date for my endometriosis.

Thank the heavens i have a date for a week Monday which i just want done and dusted now.

I have had a period since I have had a coil removal. This was extremely painful and left me bed bound for several days.

A week after this finished we tried to have sex however all symptoms returned afterwards. the extreme pain, stuck in the bathroom, bleeding and still extremely sore cramping and spotting today.

I just really wanted to vent as i don't want to burden my partner with this as he hates when this causes me pain.

I pray that my consultant can sort this all out. Even just trying to empty my bladder today causes me pain :'(

Please tell me i'm not alone in this?!!


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