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Had laparoscopy yesterday

Hi ladies, I had my lap yesterday all went well. In a lot of pain. The shoulder pain didn't start until last night but it is so painful now. He went in four places to get at endo that was on the back of my uterus. He flushed my tubes and removed the cyst on right ovary. My left tube didn't flush an so he wants me to see a fertility doctor. At first I was really upset by this but he did say now that right tube is clear, I should get pregnant. I'm having a lot of ouzing from the lower dressing so keeping an eye on that. Xx

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Hi, glad it went well and you got some answers, fingers crossed you will get relief, ive just had my first lap 10 days ago, had endo excised from back of uterus too, and ligament, unfortunately I was also diagnosed with ADENOMYOSIS, so I might not get much releaf as doc thinks it's my adeno causing me pain not so much the endo, but still early days so got to wait, ive still got a swollen tummy, but nothing to bad, I'm drinking ginger teas and peppermint teas and tablets, I'm suffering quite bad with constipation, my wounds are fine but 1 stitch is getting on my nerves in the belly bottom, think I'm going to go to nurse to have in cut off,

Anyway if you want to chat let me no, and good luck with your recovery


Drinking lots of peppermint tea did wonders for my shoulder pain, and plenty of walking around :) hope recovery is speedy x


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